Monday, 12 December 2016

Epic VLC tricks

VLC player, the most commonly used media player, that supports a wide range of file formats. But [ there is always a but :) ]
This is not just a media player, but it has a lot more hidden features that you can never imagine or never bothered to navigate. This player is very easy to use & also provides a user friendly interface.

So, its time to surprise you with the hidden secrets.

1. Inception mode

This mode is a built-in feature of VLC player, i.e it takes continous screenshots of your screen & keeps on taking in relatively smaller size. The screen will look like something going so deep. and eventually you will feel an inception. :)

How to do this?
a. Open VLC player.
b. Press "ctrl+n"
c. Type in "screen://" in the text box in front.
d. Click the play button.

2. Play Video as ASCII output.

Not any other media player has this capability but VLC does. :) 
This can give you an video playback in ASCII view. Below are the steps to perform this fun stuff:

a. Got to preferences under tools menu.
b. Click on Video.
c. Choose "output" as choose Color ASCII Art Video Output.
d. Play any video & have an ASCII output. (not worth watchimg but for fun sake).

3. Video running on Desktop

Ever heard of this? Yes, you can play any video on your desktop window. This is a great feature of VLC where you can run any video on your desktop, it might be distracting for you but this is an additional add-on in VLC media player.

Below are the steps:

a. Navigate to tools >> preferences.
b. Choose video from left menu, & on the output field choose: 'DirectX video output'
c. Save it.
d. Restart your VLC player.
e. Right click on screen & navigate to your required video> DirectX Wallpaper.

and that's it, video will run on your desktop, enjoy watching it on your desktop itself.

Few more VLC tricks uncovered at the below link: Enjoy guys.

Don't forget to follow the page.

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