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Ultimate guide to block a Website

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Ever tried to block a website, No?

There are several reasons why you might want to block a certain websites on your computer/laptop. It may be because of some virus transmitting websites, or to secure your personal data or to avoid it from your kids or many more reasons.

Well there are many ways to block any website that you wish to block, it may be using some external software, browser settings or the most efficient way is to add an entry in windows hosts file.

Site blocking

1. Blocking at OS level:

- DNS system works as a backbone of Internet, & DNS system translates IP addresses to easy to remember names (for example You can't remember IP addresses of all the web sites, so DNS system gives you privileges to give your IP address a name that you can remember easily.
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On Operating System level, we have a hosts file that keeps this information handy. And you can put the websites in this file that you want to block.

a. You must have administrator privileges to access this file.

b. This file is located in your "C" drive:


c. Open the file in Notepad. (Double click the file, select Notepad from the list of applications)

d. At the end of this file, you can make an entry of the website that you no longer wish to visit anymore.

e. Entry should be like:

IP Address         <website URL>
IP Address         <website URL>
IP Address         <website URL>
IP Address         <website URL>

and so on.... You can make as many entries as you want.

f. For example, if you wish to block, then add the details accordingly: 
"127.00.1". (without quotes)

You can make one entry per line.

g. Add all the websites that you wish to block, & save this file now.
h. Reboot the system for this file to take effect, & you are done. The websites are blocked as per your wish.

2. Blocking at Browser level:

There are many browsers available, but the most popular ones are "Google Chrome" & "Mozilla Firefox". Both these browsers gives many add-ons that can serve your purpose. One of the popular add-on is BlockSite, this is available for both the browsers.

a. Once you have installed the extension in your browser, go to extensions page (inside settings, extensions at left side bar)

b. Go to its options, & add the site name that you wish to block in the text bar provided.

c. Save the settings, & that it. The site is blocked now.


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